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Swim for the music that saves you when you're not so sure you'll survive <3.
Bands are ruining my life - that's probably all you need to know!!
 Chicken Nuggers
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    Things every girl looks for in a perfect guy

    • beautiful brown eyes
    • able to work any hair color and style
    • love for Halloween
    • has 2 dogs that he loves more than life
    • amazing singing voice
    • looks good with and without facial hair
    • skull tattoo behind his ear

    its Alex Gaskarth. Every girl is looking for Alex Gaskarth

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    does anyone else hear songs differently after hearing them live in concert like they will never be the same to you again because at the concert the singer screamed a lyric that’s not screamed in the studio version of a song so you find yourself yelling at those little moments and you feel so alive

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Tim decided to dress like his guitar. Color code! Lookin’ sharp!! #riseagainst http://ift.tt/1lG4ZCR
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